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Angle Concepts llp was a company founded in 2010 by R. N. Shivkumar & Rajashekar. The duo have Immense Experience in the domain of end of the line Packaging. 

The Company located in Gottigere in Bangalore Manufactures Angle Boards and OD Protectors. Its  a concept using multiple plies of paper board with exceptional strength. The board is then formed into rigid right angle .

Angle Boards which is also called by the name Corner Boards is an effective means to reinforce package strength and prevent damages of products during transit. Being made of completely recycled paper it is also environment friendly and economical. Angle boards are a Superior Substiture to the costly and Inconsisitent conventional Packing Material. It is made of various sizes  starting from 25x25mm  upto 100x100mm in various thicknesses ranging from 2.5mm to 8mm.

The Company also Manufactures OD Protectors which is an excellent solution for protecting circular profiles like the edges of paper reels and  plastic reels. The Angle Board is cut into v notch for providing the flexibility which can then wrap around any circular objects.

Some of the benefits  of using Angle Boards & OD Protectors are as follows;

  • Reduces the overall packing cost.
  • Is quite safer to handle.
  • Is an excellent replacement for wood packing.
  • Permits higher strap tension for tighter and secure loads.
  • Prevents cutting of boxes during strapping.

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The company located in gottigere in bangalore, manufactures of angle boards and OD protectors. 

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