Edge Corner Protectors

Edge / Corner Protectors

Edge, Corner Protectors, Edge Guards
Angle Concepts LLP is the responsible organization for Manufacturing Edge Protectors. It is made of multiple layers of recycled Kraft boards, used to provide protection while applying strap or tying with ropes. Our Corner Protectors prevents cutting and buckling of boxes during the strapping and roping process. Our Edge protectors are normally in smaller lengths of 50mm to 100mm.

We are the Producers of Edge Protectors, Corner Protectors, and Edge Guards in India. It is the most resilient protectors we offer. They are intended to guard the edges of columns in structures. Our foremost-edge protection can benefit to save you money in the long run by protecting your goods during transport. As a corner guard manufacturer, we need to ensure a balance not only between impact and flexibility of the product but also reflectivity when installed in darker areas. Our products are manufactured from optimal quality components to ensure durability and rough and tough performance. Our devices are available in various standard sizes and shapes as per the specific requirements of clients.
Sizes Offered Under Edge / Corner Protector
50 X 50 X 4 mm & LENGTH : 50mm & 100mm
75 X 75 X 4 mm & LENGTH : 50mm & 100mm